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Welcome to IDMP! Please take a moment to review our policies to ensure a smooth and successful collaboration.

Project Initiation and Deposit:

To commence any project, a non-refundable deposit is required. This deposit secures our commitment to your project and covers initial planning and administrative costs.

Social Media Posting Policy:

Upon completion of your digital design, we reserve the right to showcase the project on our social media platforms unless you express otherwise before the project begins.

Invoicing and Payment:

  • Invoices totaling $50.00 or less must be paid in full.

  • Detailed information on pricing, drafts, and project duration will be clearly outlined in the invoice.

Late Policy (Reoccurring Series):

  • After 48 hours of invoice being sent you will be charged a 25.00 late fee to your outstanding invoice and received a strike.

  • We operate on a 3-strike system; three instances of late payment may result in termination of our services.

Social Media Management:

  • Social media clients are required to provide monthly content.

  • We operate on a 3-strike system; three instances of late payment may result in termination of our services.

  • To ensure a streamlined and effective monthly meeting process, all social media management clients are required to settle their invoices in full prior to the scheduled monthly meeting.

Social Media Posting:

  • Clients will receive a specified number of posts, story updates, and advertising credits monthly.

  • Monthly check-in meetings are included in our social media management packages.

Communication, Turnaround & Drafts:

  • Please refrain from constant communication outside business hours.

  • Rushed project requests may result in project or service termination.

  • All projects durations and round of edits information will be stated on each invoice.

Photo/Video Services:

  • Book photo/video services at least 5 days in advance.

  • Cancellations or rescheduling are allowed up to 48 hours before the service date.

  • Date will be officially reserved for you once the required deposit is received.

Travel Fee Policy:

  • In the event a staff member travels to a client's site but cannot perform the service due to client-related issues, a travel fee will be incurred based on miles driven.

Cancellation Policy for Photo/Video Services:

  • No refunds will be provided for unexplained or uncommunicated cancellations.

Contact Hours and Edits:

  • For social media clients, contact during business hours via email is preferred.

  • Project edits if any remaining are allowed within 24 hours of project completion; additional edits will incur fees.

Rights To Own

  • Upon project completion, it is hereby agreed that you shall possess full ownership rights to the digital design created for your business/brand, constituting 100% ownership thereof as per our policies.

By engaging in our services, you acknowledge and agree to adhere to these policies. IDMP reserve the right to update these policies, and clients will be notified of any changes in advance. If you have any question , please reach out during business hours via email. Thank you for choosing IDMP!

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